The History Of Roulette

For two centuries, the roulette wheel has been a famous symbol, which immediately comes to mind not only to any casino player but to almost everyone when it comes to gambling. It doesn’t matter if we’re watching a movie or TV show, or just looking at a picture of a gambling hall, which inevitably catches our attention, is the roulette wheel.

The oldest casino game

Being the oldest casino game played even today, the popularity of roulette, especially in European casino practice, has grown significantly. Popularity itself has turned the simple act of taking a seat at a roulette table into a challenge. As for European casinos, the game of roulette generates over 50 percent of the revenue from the legal game. However, this is not the case with the practice observed in the United States. Roulette is not the preferred game for most casino players. As proof, we have the fact that roulette revenue represents less than 5 percent of the game’s overall turnover.

Yet over the past few years, there have been a number of changes in the way roulette is viewed in the United States. The game tends to be better accepted by the players, especially in places like Las Vegas. Among the most important changes that have been introduced, it seems that the single zero roulette wheels, the use of electronic panels, and the increase in the maximum betting limits have been the most relevant.

An increasing number of new casinos in the United States have tried to incentivize their customers to play roulette, and considering its growing popularity, it could be concluded that their efforts have probably paid off. This recent trend has perhaps been fueled by the following changes, which have made access to roulette much easier for the average player:

First, the trend has emerged that an increasing number of casinos have installed single zero wheels. In 1996, when Monte Carlo Resort & Casino in Las Vegas opened its doors to customers, each of the ten roulette wheels was single zero.

Secondly, over time all casinos have taken a step further and installed electronic panels on the roulette wheels. These panels consistently list the most recent winning numbers in the sequence in which they occurred. In this way, it seems that they attract the attention of more people to the roulette wheels.

In fact, many of the older gambling houses have tried to keep up with this innovation and adapt the wheels with the same type of display equipment.

Third, the upper limit of both internal and external bets has been raised considerably. In the meantime, the minimum betting limits have remained almost unchanged. In our guide, we will discuss later why players who use a system are able to take advantage of a higher maximum limit.

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